DJ Tira

South African recording artist,Dj and entrepreneur. Tira was born in the peaceful environment of KwaHlabisa in Kwazulu Natal. He relocated to Durban in 1995 in pursuit of his studies in Human Resources at the University of Kwazulu-Natal. He taught himself to Dj and dance at a young age and was involved in South Africa Smirnoff Dj Knockout competition which was also a founding base of his consistent career emerging to stars till date. He released his Debut album The Real Makoya after his recognition that was scored after the Smirnoff Dj Knockout .Having signed with Sheer Music/Big Dawg Productions for the birth of Durban Finest Vol 1 album in 2003.which has been certified amongst the best till date .In 2008 Tira formed the musical group BigNuz which had released an album prior his involvement with them.His invitation to the group has proved to be a major success as the concept of music this group does was initiated by Tira and the style was a complete turn to the Durban Kwaito that is dominating the scene and they released the critically well-reviewed and commercially successful album:2ndRound knockout (2009) under Tira’s Co-ordination.